Paradise in the heart of the jungle (2)

Something else: no mountains and cold weather this time, but the hot and humid atmosphere of the tropical rainforest.
Some of my fellow PhD-students started a new project in the forests of French Guyana. This is their blog, a nice mixture of scary jungle creatures and exciting ecological research.
Check it out here!

Lore and Leandro in French Guiana

Sunday morning we prepared ourselves for a 3 hours walk in the rainforest: only +- 8 km and 100m in altitude… The only things we took with us were a hammock, a sleeping bag (yes, in het morning with 100% humidity it can be a bit colder), a towel and soap (a shower after a 3 hours walk in the rainforest is really nice!), clean underwear and t-shirt (yes, this is also really nice :p) and a bottle of water (only one per person was enough, because halfway we could refill them from a small creek). At 9.32h we left the Pararé camp (starting point of our walk) and started our walk to the Inselberg camp (end point of our walk).

After this heavy walk, we arrived at 12.36h! First we enjoyed a lunch with crackers & jam, then we relaxed in our hammocks. While Lore stayed in the camp because…

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