At the conference

Trying to grab the full diversity of ecological research is like crossing Lake Tahoe without a boat.

Boardwalk above lake Tahoe

I brought this huge lake a short visit while on a break from the thousands of posters, presentations and working ecologists here at the conference in Sacramento.

Gull in lake Tahoe

After one day of presentations, it is already easy to get lost in everything that is going on. So many people, so many different approaches, all eager to find out how nature works with their own methods.

Lake house above lake Tahoe

To keep your head above the water while you cross the lake, it is important to keep in mind you do not need to understand everything that is going on. Ecology is developing so quickly, with countless subdisciplines emerging everywhere, that I will never be able to grasp its full extent.

Lake Tahoe

So I let the lake convince me that I just have to keep on building slowly, stone by stone, my own trajectory to the other side of the ecology lake.

Reflection and stones

Using information and help where it is available, but focusing on my own path.

Lake Tahoe with the Sierra mountains

Which should not prevent me from enjoying all the beauty on the way, of course. Because that is why we do it!

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