Selling my pictures

You can now buy a selection of my pictures on Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock and 123RF (follow the links and check out my portfolio).
Rainbow in Torres del Paine

As a photographer, it is nice when pictures do not have to pile up in a dark and dusty corner of the harddisk where you never look at them again. This blog can be seen as my first successful attempt to do a bit more with all these images from all over the world.

Black-necked stilt

Selling my pictures is my second successful attempt. I joint forces with the established stock photography sellers, as they give the best practical frame to get what I want. I am now still trying out several different websites before I decide which one matches best with me and my portfolio.

Long-tailed meadowlark

Currently, Fotolia turns out to be my first choice, but Shutterstock might become a highly valuable alternative in the near future, as I only recently got accepted as a contributor.

Inca tern

Obviously, these websites have a very strict selection process. They only accept what they expect to be useful for their customers, so I have to be picky with submissions. Readers interested in purchasing pictures from my website that are not, or not yet, available on the sites may always contact me.

Dead tree and the blue massif

Images from my Fotolia-portfolio

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5 Responses to Selling my pictures

  1. Lovely photos! You won’t have any problem selling them! *(purrs)*!

  2. nlmoriyama says:

    Good luck with selling your photos! They are beautiful!!!

  3. These are lovely photos, I admire that you have the birds in such great focus with the blurred background to make them really stand out – Awesome!

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