Spoiling the birds

I like spoiling those happy little feather balls before my office window. After a trial period, in which I tried to seduce them to come closer to my window, I now installed some more high-tech equipment:

Bird food

It seems to work pretty fine, as the regular visits of great tits (and occasional squirrels) continue. With the increasingly cold weather, even more birds seem convinced to visit me and my generosity. I ticked off blue tits, long-tailed tits, robins and even some goldcrests.

Blue tit

Although my fancy supply mechanism looks perfect, most birds still seem to prefer the cheap stuff. I don’t know why, although they showed furious picking behavior towards the plastic cover (no, my fierce friend, you’re not getting anything by just hitting the plastic!). Maybe it is all just a little bit too complicated for their tiny bird-brains.

Blue tit

Nevertheless, I am waiting excitingly until it starts freezing, because then the feathered traffic will only increase!

Long-tailed tit

These and some other cute pictures joint the picture gallery ‘Animals’ on the right of my blog. I strongly recommend taking a look!


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6 Responses to Spoiling the birds

  1. Cute birds! I have a bird feeder too, but sadly it only attracts pigeons and crows.

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  3. *Trills * / *(chatters)* 😻 Dude – I’m totally here fur take off you need help feeding those little morsels…..

    *((chatters))* 😺


  4. I have the secret feeling they are declining your kind offers, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings 🙂

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