Apologies to a city – the dogs

I have been unnecessarily rude against the city of Punta Arenas (see my previous post ‘… and the ugly’, but I’m making up for it). If the dogs would know I’d been so rude, they would look at me with their sad devoted eyes and make me feel really sorry about it. They have the right to look sad, because they put in a lot of trouble to make you feel at home. Every time they see a tourist, they immediately jump into action and hold you company for the rest of your walk. They don’t need anything in return, they don’t ask any questions, they just give you the comfort of a friend and guide on your walk through the city.The dogs2

I know, I know, they’re only street-dogs and the only thing they want is something to eat, which they hope to get from you, but still I like it when they put in the effort of walking with me on the dike. Unfortunately, I had no food to pay for their unasked company. That is why I decided to give them a blog post to honor their indefatigable work.

The dogs3

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3 Responses to Apologies to a city – the dogs

  1. Awwwwwww. What sweet doggies! But don’t tell anyone…I’m not supposed to like doggies- *(its a kat thing)…

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