Apologies to a city – the dike

The dike2

I have been unnecessarily rude to the city of Punta Arenas (see my previous post ‘… and the ugly’). I did not realize that all I needed was a warm and sunny day and a leisure walk along the beach to experience the hidden beauty of this city. That’s why I decided to write a couple of posts about this rough diamond of the south.

I used a free afternoon on a day with low(er) wind speed and a bright blue sky to stroll over the dike. People were happy, young couples were enjoying the view (on each other) and the Estrecho de Magallanes (Strait of Magellan) showed an undiscribable blue color.

Although there isn’t a real beach, the dike is nice and open, with blue outlines of the mountains of Tierra del Fuego on the horizon. The city is proud of the connection with the sea. As you can see from all kinds of modern statues of ships that brighten up the dike.The dike1 - statueWhen the weather is nice, the dike of Punta Arenas is definitely a nice place to be. Enjoy the view on the quarreling cormorants and wonder about the story behind the strange concrete structures, as long as the wind does not chase you away to a better place.The dike4 - cormorantsThese are my sincere apologies to a city that just needed a bit of time and the correct weather conditions to show her hidden beauty.The dike3

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