The dragon of the subarctic

There is a special world up there, high in the north. It’s a world of snow and ice, of rocks and wind. A world where trees stay low to the ground, where falling rocks and whirling rivers determine the slow pace of change. A different world, where survival is the result of a tremendous and ongoing struggle. Most importantly: it’s a world that is not used to the speed of the human way of living.

We are intruders of the north, knights in the cave of a sleeping dragon. We build mines and dams, railways and roads, all on top of the dragon’s back. Unaware of the changes in his troubled breathing while he slowly wakes up. The effects of our increased presence in the subarctic are largely unknown. We don’t know what will happen if we keep on crawling and working on the back of the dragon. But we see that he is slowly awakening and that thousands of years of undisturbed subarctic nature are now increasingly changing.

It is my job to warn the world for this sleeping dragon.
It is my job to find a way to preserve his night’s rest.
It is my job to predict his next move, so we are not unexpectedly catched by his swirling tail.

Majestic view over the mountains in northern Norway

Majestic view over the mountains in northern Norway, the land of the sleeping dragon. Fairly undisturbed, as long as it lasts.

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