On top of the world

Science. It’s a strange world.  But it’s a world definitely worth writing about!

With the start of my PhD, I set out on a wonderful journey that will lead me to places as far as north- and southpole, and everything in between. I will climb up mountains, struggle my way through forests, gasp at aurora’s in starry nights and explore unknown horizons, all on a hunt to answer my questions on the mysterious processes of live.
I will stand on top of the world, look down on it and question everything I see, because that’s what scientists do.
This blog needs to share my experience. It wants to give a glimpse of the adventures of an ecologist, from start to finish. It will cover the fieldwork, the exciting trips through nature, as well as the results and the answers on the questions I ask myself.
So please, join me on top of the world, because the view is splendid.
On top of the world
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