The USA was the country of my first international scientific congress. I presented the results from my first paper ever at the huge ESA-conference in Sacramento, California (quickly introduced here).

Deer in the wildlife refuge

It was a short visit to an amazing country, but I managed to make the absolute most out of it. I visited Philadelphia on the east coast in between flights and visited the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains in a dry Californian summer.

Tree roots and dry lake

Reflection and stones

I saw the coastal redwood trees and enjoyed the beauty of Sacramento on endless summer days.

Lost trail in Muir Woods


I even gave a good presentation, met tons of wonderful colleagues and became friends with the bloggers over at BioDiverse Perspective.

A whole list of reasons to call my visit to the USA a big success.


We (my colleagues from the MIREN-network) also monitor two mountain regions in the USA, one in Oregon and one in Montana. This data is included in our global models of plant invasion in the mountains.

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