In februari 2014, I took a week off to explore the fascinating subtropical world of Tenerife, the Canary Islands. I came home with a bunch of pictures and nice stories to tell. This page gives a summary of what I found most interesting. You can click the link to find the posts.

Mountain and catA huge volcano in the ocean. The highest peak a stunning 3700 meters, excluding another 3000 meters of mountain hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. That is Tenerife. A first impression of this impressive lava landscape can be found here, with a cute cat posing for publicity.

DSC_0184Somewhere offshore from the coast of Tenerife lives a large family of pilot whales. They happily swim together in the wide ocean, peacefully plowing through the waves and spurting water.

Wave powerTenerife is constantly attacked by the power of the ocean. This post tells about this huge amount of wave energy and how nature copes with that.

A stressy environmentThe rocks on the island do not seem to provide an ideal location for plants to grow. However, as I have to emphasize all the time, plants will never cease to amaze, as they always find ways to survive the worst conditions.


The mountains of Tenerife can learn us a lot about the conservation of mountain systems all over the world. The clear distinction between the touristic lowlands and the undisturbed wild areas of the highlands shows what has been protecting mountains until now.

Tenerife lizard

I end with a short post, just to show some nice pictures of the animals from Tenerife.

3 Responses to Tenerife

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  2. Pam says:

    Love the pilot whales!

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