The rollercoaster

The rollercoaster has left for the wildest ride of 2021!

In a little bit over 2 weeks, we’ll do something crazy: we’re launching are massive citizen science project to measure heat and drought in over 5000 Flemish gardens, nature reserves and farms.

The ‘garden dagger’, the star of the show in our upcoming citizen science project! Picture credits: An Van Gijsegem

For several months, a team of close to ten people – plus a wide range of external partners – has frantically worked to make this happen. Preparing the science, communication, logistics, partners, innovation, the wonderful ‘garden dagger’ itself… Doing a citizen science project at this scale is a massive undertaking. It’s an amazing feeling to see how many different people with how many different backgrounds and skills come together to make this a reality.

Digging into the soils of our gardens and showing the world what’s under our feet, that’s one of the goals of this giant community science project. Let’s get hands dirty all across Flanders!

And so, with 2021 finally here, we all jump on the rollercoaster that is increasingly gaining speed and momentum. There is no going back anymore, and the first looping is just around the corner! So keep an eye on, where we’ll give the official kick-off soon and start making history!

Soon, maps like this will be popping up on the website, where we’ll be able to show you how heat and drought vary at the smallest scale across Flanders

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