The future is starting now! Today, I got the news that my application for a 3 years postdoc from the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) has been granted.


Preparing for a future filled with mountains

That means that from October onwards, I can spend my time diving deeper into the effects of microclimate and disturbances on species distributions in mountains, with the help of the greatest network of scientists I know (MIREN).


3 years to study – among others – the interesting and drastic effects of human disturbances (like here in roadsides) on mountain vegetation

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to hunt for the answers on all these questions that popped up throughout my PhD, and tackle all the challenges I found on our way to accurately predict where plants grow, and where they will go to in the future.


This postdoc should expand my current focus from the northern Scandes in Scandinavia, and bring me among others to the beating heart of the European mainlands: the Alps. (Here: Davos, Switzerland).

So please stay tuned! This blog is going to be around for a while, as I’m thrilled to share all these amazing scientific discoveries with you.


I will also use this opportunity to truly include mountain trails in my focus, and compare patterns along them with what we know from mountain roads

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3 Responses to Postdoc

  1. Congratulations. I’ll be watching, as I really enjoy your photos…and science.

  2. Pam says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  3. Postdocs are a long haul but you find and learn some very important things about yourself in the process! I just completed my two-year postdoc yesterday. Lawd…Good luck!

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