From valley to mountain top

“I care about lots of things,” said Slartibartfast, his voice trembling partly with annoyance, but partly also with uncertainty.

“Such as?”

“Well,” said the old man, “life, the Universe. Everything, really. Fjords.”

“Would you die for them?”

“Fjords?” blinked Slartibartfast in surprise. “No.”

“Well then.”

“Wouldn’t see the point, to be honest.”

From Douglas Adams’ A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


I might not feel like dying for fjords either, but I sure don’t mind a 3 day fieldwork/camping-session in my personal favourite fjord-and-valley in Norway, as part of our yearly visit to our long-term observation sites. As always, the fjord did not disappoint.

Not sure what I liked the most: having a day of beautiful summer weather, or finding out that the data look super interesting…

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2 Responses to From valley to mountain top

  1. Pam says:

    I love that book – a classic! And fjords are always nice!

  2. What a strikingly beautiful photo.

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