Getting so tired of it

This lion is getting so tired of your problems, Belgium!


A huge yawn is the best reaction to the news that Belgium got elected ‘Fossil of the Day’ at the ongoing COP21 conference on Climate Change.


As we did not manage to get an agreement on how to deal with climate change within our own country, we are basically rolling downhill, while the rest of the world is trying to shift into a higher gear towards the future.


Yes, indeed, my dear lioness, you heard it correctly: Belgium is one of the only countries in the European Union with a strong lag in its fossil fuel reduction. Alternatives seem to be limited to extending the life of the nuclear power plants. Yes, indeed, I will allow you to make such a face of deep concern.


Here you go, I will lick your wounds: there is some good news in all of this. This sad award means the situation is at least not as bad in other countries (except maybe New Zealand, today sharing the podium as Fossil of the Day).

So my readers in other parts of the world: I wish you are doing better in battling climate change than we do!

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7 Responses to Getting so tired of it

  1. Herman says:

    The political situation in Belgium is making me feel so sad! Sending six ministers to Paris with zero plans on climate change… I really feel so ashamed!

    • It really does sound worse than ever before. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t affect the global discussions. I think they do best in ignoring Belgium this time and let us catch up with the future when we are ready for it

  2. We *all* have a long way to go! And like the marchers said, there is no Planet B (no matter how much money we spend on Mars exploration)! So we gotta find a way to deal with this now. Or yesterday. And tomorrow. 🙂

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