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This post was originally posted here, on the Arctic Research blog of the Interact network.

Golden mushroom

We are back in Abisko after two months. Right before the start of the rainy autumn weather – it might fall upon us on our last day – we are here to harvest the seedlings of our two-year experiment.

Hiking in Abisko

We take a week to skim the mountains and bring down the harvest to the research station.

Hiking in AbiskoOur nonnative species now had two growing seasons to show their best survival skills. For most of them, that turned out to be barely a centimeter of growth, but there were also some heros that made into full grown plants.


The hikes in the mountains gave us the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful end-of-august atmosphere in the Swedish mountains. Beautiful colours in the sun, amazing little fuzzy plants, pretty golden mushrooms and cute lemmings collecting their winter fat.

Autumn plants


Fuzzy plants

The sun is still around for some days, so we gonna make the most out of our short stay in the north. We might take some seconds to harvest two or three blueberries, we might take a detour to get a nice view on the valley, but we will especially enjoy the nice data we are collecting, as they promise us so many fascinating answers.


 DSC_0028     Fuzzy autumn plants Sweden

Autumn in the mountains

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