Goodbye to America

It was an exciting chance to finally visit America and get to know this country that almost had mythical proportions in my head. And I must say, a lot of that just got confirmed in real life! It is just the true, well-developed, American way of living that completely blasts you of your feet.

Take the ‘Naked’ as an example: a 100% Juice Smoothie, a blend of 4 juices with added ingredients (added ingredients, wauw!). They ‘use only the freshest, purest stuff in the world and leave out everything else’!

American smoothie

Got the blues? Take a swig of this sweet-happy, fiber-full blueberry-blackberry goodness and enjoy your ride on the happy train! That is exactly how America seems to work.

And the Naked is not the end of it. All their publicity is like this! On the radio, you get showered by tons of possibilities to live the life that you want. Getting your financial crisis out of the way? Saving the environment by buying a new car? Finding the leaf blower that does exactly what you want? All possible in America!

I could give tons of examples, but I gonna stick to a small selection of things that struck me.

The dippin’ dots, for example, the ‘future of ice cream’! You automatically skip the part about the ‘artificially flavored cookie dough pieces’, just because they are called dippin’ dots! How can that be anything else than delicious?

Dippin' dots

Or the Cutie’s, Rockin’ Red, much in the line of the Naked Juice. Like, now even the bottles are sed-juice-ing me?

Cutie smoothie

As I see it, these are all small signs of a big philosophy that I find really fascinating: you don’t truly need to be the best, as long as you can make everyone believe you are. And the latter might cost you a lot less energy.

I do not want to be too skeptical and rule out the possibility that that new mattress from that downtown shop is really gonna save my marriage, but my main point is that it is hard to believe something else.

Ah, America, I am so glad that I could finally meet you in real life! You made me fall in love with you from the very first minute.

Or to say it with the words of the car motor oil commercial on the radio: the greasier, the better, like a pizza. Or bacon.

Greasy pizza

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6 Responses to Goodbye to America

  1. annathrax says:

    Lol it’s a crazy place that’s for sure.

  2. Greetings Dude! Glad you finally made it to my side of the world! Also glad you love America!!
    *(dude- if you need help with that pizza I’m totally here fur ya!)*

  3. Ed says:

    LOL! You nailed us, we are a country of consumers who believe almost everything they shove down our throats. I prefer to march to a different consumer drum…. and I’m glad I live here..:-)
    p.s. next time you come to the U.S stop off in Tennessee and I’ll introduce you to the Smokey Mountains. and the Cherokee National Forest. .

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