The most beautiful view on the lake

The north of Europe is a land filled with mountains and lakes. All these amazing views make the extraordinary ordinary, as the nicest viewpoint is just around every corner.


I realized that by the end of the week, we will have seen the famous lake Törneträsk from all possible viewpoints. And as every viewpoint again wants to be the most amazing one ever, I am still highly in doubt which one of them will in the end be rewarded with the title of ‘most amazing view on the lake’.

Chairlift to Nuolja mountain

It was nice to see the landscape slowly unfold in all its majesty as the chairlift brought us to our plots on 900 meter, but the rewarding view after a long day of climbing even added to the satisfaction of the panorama.

Overviewing the lake

Another candidate came from a short walk after a long day in the field. The little beach at the research station definitely popped straight out of a fairytale.

Enjoying the Swedish views Törneträsk lake

But the last one might be the ultimate winner of the title: the panorama seen from the level of the plants. We have been working with our nose centimeters from the ground all the time, so we know how it is to be close to the ground.

Arctostaphylos above Törneträsk

So this is my winning view: one of these tiny plants I have been working on to identify, proudly growing on a dry and hostile rock, celebrating his victory over the microclimate with an amazing view on the lake.

You just have to love them, my little survivors.

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8 Responses to The most beautiful view on the lake

  1. Absolutely lovely, human. I think my boyfriend (#247,443) and I are going to take a stroll on that pier….and maybe even go fishing…*(trills)*

  2. emilyfromtheusa says:

    These are amazing! You have a new fan.

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