Pretty flowers and angry lemmings

The first day of our field trip to Abisko was already a big win. We had both weather ànd nature on our site, which resulted in some unforgettable views and moments.

Globe-flower overlooking the valley

We left Belgium in warm summer weather, but skies in the north were even brighter and the sun seemed to burn even harder.

The alpine spring

In the mountains, plants showed their most beautiful looks while they were profiting from the first really good days of warm sunshine. In July, the Subarctic spring is in full glory.

Snow in the mountains

Snow was melting everywhere, making our climb to the highest elevation quite the adventure. We had to cross large patches of snow. Creeks and rivers were all flowing with melting water. Even the path was often changed into a roaring river.

Jumping over melting water

The first lemmings were also out, an event proudly illustrated by a very brave example that did not want to believe it was disadvantaged by its size. It showed its fierce teeth, roared like a tiny little lion and jumped centimeters in the air to get us out of his territory. Unfortunately for the fiery animal, he was sitting in the middle of our plot, so finally he had to taste defeat.

  Angry lemmingOh, and by the way: the experiment looked nice, everything is working well!


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2 Responses to Pretty flowers and angry lemmings

  1. Joe says:

    Wonderful Images 🙂

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