Between old stones

It is an old village, a valley filled with old stones and castles in the heart of France.

Dungeon in Loches

It might seem outdated and dead, but the old stony walls are blooming with flowers.

Summer flowers

The workshop that is going on overlooking these old stones is everything but old. Leading scientists from all over the world in the field of climate change biology gathered here to refine the focus of our questions: we should get away from the large-scale averages of climate and climate change that are currently used. We should bring down the scale to the level that is really experienced by the organisms: meters, or even centimeters.

Castle dungeon in Loches

Only then, we can find reliable predictions of what the future will bring us. Only then, we might find ways to understand how plants and animals really experience the shifts in their environment.

Crows around the tower, Loches

A major challenge, but the old walls of the Loire castles serve as witnesses of the power of a gathering of great scientists: together, we will find the answers we are looking for. And that is exactly why we are here.


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  1. Lovely! I’ll take care of those birds if they start to become a nuisance, dude.* (just sayin)*

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