All my traveling and working abroad really starts to pay off! I will present the results of my first paper from Northern Scandinavia on the biggest ecology congress there is: the ESA conference in Sacramento, California, in August this year!

Stone men figure in Abisko, Sweden

This opportunity will create a big chance to make some publicity for my scientific results and to network with other mountain ecologists and invasion specialists from all over the world. It will make my work again that little bit more global.

  The blue massif and lake Pehoe

It will also add another country to my list! You can find a menu on my blog with all the countries where I have been writing about (click on the menu with the title ‘on top of the world‘). This conference-opportunity adds the USA to a list that at the moment contains Chile, Lapland, Belgium, Tanzania, Tenerife and Luxembourg.

Wave breaking on the rocks in Tenerife

So many places, so many opportunities to expand my scientific knowledge and so many chances to take pictures. The pictures in this post give a broad impression of the wide variety of landscapes and environments I have seen the past year.

Sunrise and morning nebula in Luxembourg

I end my post by asking for help from all the American readers of my blog. If I have a couple of days in Sacramento to visit the area, what are the places I definitily have to see? Please leave some comments below, and I will try to go there and document my trip with awesome photographs!


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11 Responses to California!

  1. Schitterende foto’s weerom!

  2. iosatel says:

    Wonderful images!

  3. I flippin LOVE your photos, human. *(purrfect)*!!

  4. rombak says:

    nice picture,.

  5. chirose says:

    Fantastic blog post and photos.!! Thanks for the follow too 🙂

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