On the rocks

 – A picture gallery with a first part of the highlights from my trip to Tenerife can be found on the right on my blog. –

Rocking bird

The ocean is a monster. Even on the quietest of days, the surf zone on the shore of Tenerife  is immensely powerful.


A tireless coming and going of waves, back and forth over the rocky shore. It is a miracle the rocks even manage to survive these destructive forces.

On the rocks

Sitting on the rocks at the shore is an unequaled experience. Just to close your eyes and focus on the smashing sound of another breaking wave…

Wave breaking on the rocks

These rocks provide a very stressful environments for plants and animals to survive in. It is a constant adjustment: water that comes and goes, the power of breaking waves, the terrible burden of the salt… As an ecosystem built on constantly changing conditions, the  surf zone produces one of the most harsh environments around. It even beats the world of the mountain tops, where plants ‘only’ have to struggle to survive the bitter cold.

Waves on the rock

Animals seem to do a little better than plants, here, maybe because they are able to move back and forth with the tides. The large crabs hiding behind every rock did not seem to care at all. Plant life however is limited to some green and slimy algae, the diehards of the plant world.


Rocky pool

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7 Responses to On the rocks

  1. jeffollerton says:

    In case you don’t know it, the bird you photographed is a Turnstone: http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/t/turnstone/index.aspx

  2. Hope says:

    Color of the water is amazing! Love those surf shots!

  3. Lovely Post! Beautiful pictures…. I especially love that tasty little bird!
    How delectable…. I mean, pretty! ♥

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