At the foot of the volcano

A huge volcano in the ocean. The highest peak a stunning 3700 meters, excluding another 3000 meters of mountain hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. That is Tenerife.


A cat overlooking the world from a pole in volcanic rock. The volcano itself looms on the horizon. This view perfectly summarizes the magical atmosphere on this huge rock in the sea.

A volcano in the middle of the ocean creates a world of volcanic stones crumbling down under the combined power of winds, ocean and time. One day raised from the ocean, some day in the future doomed to disappear again.


It makes you wonder about our continuously changing natural world. Thousands of years ago, a hot, steaming, lifeless mountain arose from the sea. Every one of the animal and plant species now living there had to colonize that rock from the mainland. The whole vegetation, all of it arrived slowly over time from over kilometers of ocean. Species gathered from everywhere, ultimately creating a unique ecosystem totally different from the mainland.


This unique system is the main reason why such an island is a fascinating place for an ecologist. Over the next days, I will share my pictures and stories from this beautiful and amazing place.

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11 Responses to At the foot of the volcano

  1. jeffollerton says:

    One of my favourite places in all the world! Enjoy!

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  3. Your Photos are so striking….(& the Kitty’s not bad, either)!

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