Fish markets

Less than a week and I am off to the ocean, mountains, nature and sun of the Canary Islands! It is getting me excited already.

Staring fish

It gives me a nice opportunity to publish something else that I really love about the sea: fish markets! Their busy atmosphere, combined with the serene look in the eyes of the dead fishes, makes it a place of continuous wonder. 

Dead fishes

The fishes try their best to make the crime scene feel really dramatic.

Angry defeated shark

A visit to the south or the sea can not be successful without a good fish market. I just have to go there to pass my greetings to all these sad animals.

 Squids   Dramatic fish

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3 Responses to Fish markets

  1. ” FISH MARKETS!?”…..”CANARY ISLANDS??” Where have you been all my 9 lives!? Take me with you!! (*chatters*)


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