A cold scientist is not a scientist

I already shared a lot of stories about the cold (here, here and here).  As a researcher in the subarctic mountains, this cold is  an omnipresent companion, so it is definitely worth the thoughts.

It is from uttermost importance to keep your internal temperature sufficiently high in the field; not only for your physical health (although the own body should always be more important than the research), but also for the sake of the experiment. ‘A cold scientist is not a scientist,’ and beside feeling unhappy, he starts making mistakes he will regret later on. Thinking is difficult when you feel frozen, but it is even more difficult to give the fieldwork all the angelic patience it deserves (and that’s a lot!).

Luckily, I found another fantastic tool to fight this omnipresent companion: my beloved, highly isolating tea thermos. It keeps my tea warm forever, and if you add a lot of sugar, it also provides the sweet kick that keeps you going forever!

Science, here I come!!

Tea, please

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