The good…

Chili is a land of extremes. The places where people could have their way with the environment are mostly awful, but as soon as you get away from the bad influences of the cities, environment improve a lot.

We drove all the way south from Punta Arenas, along a road that slowly changed from an ugly city highway to an exciting 4×4-track along the coast. While increasing distance to the city, the landscape evolved fromthe typical suburbs over agriculture-orientated to an exciting evergreen forest next to the coast.

The good1We had to leave our car were road conditions got too bad and continue on foot. Wandering along the beach next to the blue and calm ocean. Birds were singing in the trees, the forest looked tropical and the sun was surprisingly warm. No summer resort in the Caribbean could give you any better.

We left the beautiful bay behind to explore the mountains, with a small path through forests and peat bogs. The view opened up to show a beautiful snow-covered mountain on the horizon while we slowly got higher and higher. Our efforts were rewarded with a fantastic view of the most southern point of the American continent and the blue outlines of Tierra del Fuego and the Isle of Santa Maria on the other site of the Street of Magellana.

The mighty views of Patagonia, they’re worth all the efforts.The good4

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  2. Lovely…I’m sure the wildlife around there is very lonely….I’ll come over and “visit” the little darlings…loneliness is so awful….


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