Up to Punta Arenas

I’m on the other side of the globe! Barely one month into my Ph.D and I already left the save environment of my new office to explore the world. It’s only for a short period of time, I will be back in ten days. W e squeezed an incredible amount of travelling and pretty tight working scheme to install our plots in these ten days. Maybe we find an hour or two to explore the wonderful atmosphere of South-America as well. I hope to find the time to make some nice pictures to share this experience, otherwise you’ll have to believe me on my word that it’s awesome here.

Up to Punta Arenas2

The approach of our work here :

Installing the southern hemisphere twin sister of our experiment in Northern Scandinavia, analyzing limits to invasion by alien plants in a cold mountain system. These ten days wewill explore the mountains around Punta Arenas, choose the ideal study sites and plant seeds of local invaders on three different elevations in the mountains. after that we come back home and leave the experiment to the forces of nature. We’ll pray that at least some seeds have survived when we come back next year.Up to Punta Arenas1

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