An injection of mountain views

I got to spend a bit under a week in the city of Davos, in the Swiss Alps, last week (more on the what and why here!). With such a backdrop for a conference, we decided that an early morning trip into the depths of the Alps would be a good way to prepare for more scientific discussions.

View from the Flüelapass – close to Davos

And did that not disappoint! The Alps are truly stunning in early summer, with their fields of flowers, stunning views and picturesque villages.

Little mountain village of Ftan

I quickly realized that I hadn’t seen enough mountains recently. As my research has increasingly been moving into the computer and out of the field, it was getting increasingly rare that I saw the mountains with my own eyes.

Microtopography above Ftan

So this post is here just to shamelessly plug in some mountain views.

June is for flowering meadows!

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2 Responses to An injection of mountain views

  1. The Alps are so beautiful. I visited many years ago and was amazed by all the wildflowers that were blooming.

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