The Yellowstone experience

Sheep - 3

The last day of our MIREN-meeting in Montana (more on that here) brought us to Yellowstone National Park, a place of endless wilderness and wonder.

Sheep - 4

We paid a visit to one of the field sites of our colleagues, on one of the tallest mountains of the National Park. Breathtaking views guaranteed, but a visit to Yellowstone would not be complete without some big mammal encounters.

Sheep - 2

Close to the top of the mountain, we got what we earned: a herd of bighorn sheep, not more than a few meters from the road, and obviously too proud to care about us, their admires.

Sheep - 1

Bighorn sheep are native sheep of the Rocky Mountains, roaming the alpine meadows, grassy mountain slopes and cliffs at the highest elevations. As such they serve as a reward for those brave enough to climb their way to the top.

Sheep - 5

This is just one of the countless highlights of the park (and our whole meeting in general), so stay tuned for more!

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