I have some awesome news for this summer! With the help from INTERACT, the European program supporting research in the Arctic, we just made this summers’ research project s in Lapland official.


Lapporten, the gate to Lapland, opens to us once again this summer.

INTERACT has a trans-national access program, which creates opportunities for researchers throughout Europe to work in the field in often harsh and remote locations that are difficult to access. This program has been a blessing and great help for many scientists searching to understand nature in the Arctic, just at the moment it is undergoing these truly dramatic changes in these modern times.


This program will support our different projects this summer to understand the effects of climate change and human disturbance on plant species, and how they deal (or don’t deal) with these stressors. A question from vital importance for the future of the unique nature in the high north, and for mountains all over the world.


This story will most certainly be continued!

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