Science Day

Tomorrow is ‘science day’ in Flanders, a day in which scientists and the public are brought together (at least, that one day this is done in a much more spectacular way than usual). A day in which young and old can explore, discover, experiment and enjoy everything scientific. A day worth every scientist’s best effort.

With our research group, we can of course not let the opportunity slip by to get our story told, so we will bring the science of climate change and plant invasions to the center of Antwerp.


Measuring the effect of CO2 on the climate with a thermal camera, this sunday in Antwerp!

I will give people the chance to discover our little citizen science project, in which we ask everybody who travels to the mountains to keep an eye out for travelling plants: plants that use hiking trails just like we do, to get from one place to the other.


Wanted! Help us keep an eye out for these Fantastic Four.

Check here and here for our plans for the Science Day. But you can also check here to get all information on our citizen science project. Then you don’t need to be in the neighbourhood to join in on our science day: if you are close to the mountains, just go out there and find us some plants!


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