Long and winding

It is a long and winding trail, the new project we are working on. A new and exciting question, with a lot of intermediate steps before we will get to the final answer.

Fot - 2

Beech forest in the Sonian forest, a beautiful – fairly authentic – forest close to Brussels.

Luckily, I love long and winding trails, they are the best that are out there! The final answer – a model of the global distribution of the non-native species of our interest – will be so exciting, that I like every step that brings us closer.

And even more luckily, I do not have to walk this trail alone. It is much nicer to work together on such a task, and luckily I have an amazing team around me now. So let us be off on our hike, and see where the trail will bring us!

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  2. Lovely! ūüėļ Thanks fur sharing!

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