Cleaning out the forest

Autumn is behind the corner, and the mushrooms are here to warn us of its arrival.

Mushrooms on a mossy tree stump

These diverse and delicate group of decomposers puts in such great effort to clean up our forests and nature after another successful summer.

Delicate mushroom

I feel the arrival of autumn is the perfect moment to submit a paper on litter decomposition, a project in which I participated with a European network of soil scientists to model the speed at which these below-ground cleaning processes function.

Young shaggy ink cap

It turns out that breaking down plant litter strongly depends on the climate: the longer and warmer the growing season, the faster the litter disappears. I guess decomposers also prefer to do the dirty outdoor jobs when the weather is nice…

Very large mushroom

I hope to provide more details on this fascinating subject as soon as the paper is out, cause there is of course a lot to tell.

 Young shaggy ink cap

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of hard-working mushrooms.

Mushrooms on a mossy tree stump

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4 Responses to Cleaning out the forest

  1. stappersjos says:

    These pictures make me feel like i was there in the forest 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Love these mushroom images. So beautiful!

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