Norway rocks!

Norway is never just Norway.


Lonely rock, balancing on the top

We had to revisit the magnificent views of the north in order to find back temperature sensors that we had left scattered through the mountains. It made for three days of walking, camping and working in one of the most breathtaking landscapes I have ever seen.


Birch tree surviving on a smooth steep slope

I was in particular impressed by the wide variety of rock formations that defined the landscape. Rocks are truly reigning in the north – at least in the summer season – and the vegetation has to adapt to their moods.


Meltwater river forcing us to jump

We also had to subject to their power and clamber up and down the slopes to find back our sensors. It made for exciting adventures and some tricky balancing excercices, but it was definitely worth every second of the experience.


Impressive rock formation in the cloud

Nothing tops making soup on a campfire with such a magnificent view, to have a short but well-deserved brake in between the different plots.


Campfire in a river bed

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8 Responses to Norway rocks!

  1. Beautiful! But no handsome male kats?😿

  2. Edith says:

    wow! prachtig landschap
    zelf net terug van o.a ‘fietsen in Noorwegen, op de Lofoten’

  3. wesnhattingh says:

    Reblogged this on A Fine odyssey and commented:
    Amazing pictures!

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