Working in cloud nine

The top of mount Nuolja, overlooking the beautiful Abisko valley. At the other side, the Lapporten mountain formation holds back some dangerous looking clouds. They seem to rest heavily on the mountain tops, but stayed on a safe distance from our location, where we hiked through the snow towards our plots.

Still a lot of snow on the mountains

Still a lot of snow on the mountains, but it is melting fast

As our fieldwork day went on – very succesfull, if you were wondering- some clouds escaped their virtual meteorological cage at the other side and hurried through the valley, lying low in the air.

Experiment and incoming clouds

Little experimental plot and incoming clouds at 900 meter elevation

In a few minutes, we were completely overwhelmed by the clouds and we lost our amazing view to a dull but extraordinary grey.

 Before the cloudsAfter the clouds

It made for wonderful landscapes that seemed to belong in a futuristic movie, with endless snowpatches were all colour had been sucked out, and cliffs that dropped into nothing. The end of the world seemed near.

Out of this world

Out of this world

Luckily, it was a fast moving cloud, and it disappeared again without causing any damage. After its silent passage, it revealed again the sleeping clouds on Lapportens’ head.

Clouds sleeping on Lapporten

Clouds sleeping on Lapporten, the famous mountain formation in Abisko

Trollius or Smörbolla

Trollius or ‘Smörbolla’, freely translated into ‘ball of butter’

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3 Responses to Working in cloud nine

  1. Dude – those are some foreboding clouds! Love the butterball!😺

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