As beautiful as ever

I wanted to make an overview of all the adventures we had in Chile, before moving on to the next exciting stages in my PhD. So click here to see the image gallery, or visit it on the right side of my website (which might work better than the link).


You might have seen some of these stories and pictures already in my previous posts, but there are still many more things to show, so you will not regret the visit!


So enjoy the gallery and experience the remarkable beauty of Punta Arenas, the southernmost city of the world.

DSC_0082As you browse through the pictures, you will see the Street of Magellan on a rare summer day, the most beautiful cemetery you will ever see, a Nothofagus forest in the snow and long rows of awesome plants and animals we encountered during our adventures. I might highlight some things in future posts, but that depends on the rate on which I experience new exiting things.


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6 Responses to As beautiful as ever

  1. timali says:

    great collection. you have a good eye for detail! have fun in your next adventures too! 🙂

  2. Such pawsome photos! Especially that delicious bird! *(chatters!*😺

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