From winter to autumn… to summer!

You will remember the dreadfull weather conditions at our field sites from one week ago and this post. You might also recall the beautiful autumn that followed these 40 centimeters of fresh and beautiful snow (here).

Lupinus overlooking the street of Magellan

The weather kept improving, and temperatures kept climbing to a stunning 14 °C, which is  – combined with sunny weather – impressively hot for a subarctic ecologist like me. The snow vanished rapidly and the deep blue sky gave Chile a complete summer make-over.

Marsh with dead trees in Nothofagus forest

It was astonishing to go back to the same place from earlier that week and see how the landscape had totally changed. The ice and snow on this marsh on 400 meters in the hills had completely vanished in less than 4 days, and even our plots were almost snow-free.

Caracara flying overhead

For the fieldwork, this was a blessing, and I enjoyed peeling off all these extra layers of clothes while working in the warm grass. With caracara birds piercing through the blue air and flamingo’s in the lakes, we seemed to have been dropped in the true postcard-Chile.

Flamingo's in Punta Arenas

The improved weather conditions truly helped finishing all fieldwork in time, which I can at the end of this trip proudly announce as a success story!

Salt marsh vegetation Street of Magellan

I am currently in a hotel in Santiago Airport. Due to persistent fog in Punta Arenas on the 8th and 9th of April, planes could not fly and my travels back got delayed. After a scary night without information in Santiago de Chile, I got now rebooked on the flight to Paris with only a delay of 24 hours. Ecology is truly an adventure…

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3 Responses to From winter to autumn… to summer!

  1. Pam says:

    Happy travels! We have caracara here in Florida too. Saw one pair on the way home from work this week.

  2. PURRaying fur safe travels fur you, human!💜

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