The free time and the nice spring weather around Easter created some fantastic opportunities to finally focus on native vegetation again.

        Luxemburg rocks

I got invited to the beautiful hills and forests in Luxemburg, a fantastic chance nobody should ever refuse. It became a weekend filled with rocks, trees, spring flowers and – luckily – only a very limited amount of invasive aliens.


The beech forest was full of fresh leaves in the prettiest shades of green, with colors only a real forest in springtime can provide.



The understory was a rich field of white flowers, with plenty of wood anemone and wood sorrel.



In the shaded areas, tongue ferns uncurled their leaves.

Tongue fern

All kinds of beautiful reminders of why I chose this research area again, if I would ever hesitate! Another nice reminder can be found on the INTERACT-blog, where I explained my trip to Chile in more details. Pictures from Chile can also be found on the right of my blog, in the picture gallery.

Rock cheese

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3 Responses to Spring

  1. I always love your photos- just amazingly beautiful! *(not bad fur a human)*!

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