I spend all my working days at the university of Antwerp. The city of Antwerp itself however stays out of sight most of the time, because the life sciences have their own green campus outside the city center.

Working outside the city center has two main advantages. First: I have the beautiful countryside as a working environment. Second, I can visit the city of Antwerp as a real tourist, enjoying such internationally celebrated landmarks as the Central Station and the main shopping street.

Antwerp central station

Antwerp city

Antwerp city

I decided to visit Antwerp for some hours in this wonderful December-period (Christmas-shopping, you know), in which random kinds of decoration were put all over the city. The giant wooden Christmas balls especially pleased me, even though I missed their pretty little lights at night.

Christmas balls  The Central Station already had a reputation of special attractions, this time in the shape of a dinosaur, mighty and tall as he overlooked the central hall. I positioned myself under his raised foot and tried to imagine the beating of my heart if he would be real and towering over my head like that.

He from his side did not seem to notice me at all.

Central statiosaur

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