On top of the world

During my PhD, I set out on a wonderful journey that leads me to places as far as north- and southpole, and everything in between. I will climb up mountains, struggle my way through forests, gasp at aurora’s in starry nights and explore unknown horizons, all on a hunt to answer my questions on the mysterious processes of live.

I will stand on top of the world, look down on it and question everything I see, because that’s what scientists do. This blog shares my experience. It wants to give a glimpse of the adventures of an ecologist, from start to finish.
I am a mountain ecologist. Basically that means my science involves the mountains and all kinds of creatures that live there. I am also a plant ecologist. I am in love with the fascinating world of plants, especially in extreme environments. I study how plant invasions occur in mountains, how plants travel along roads and how they use gaps in the vegetation to establish. I have a lot of ongoing experiments all over the world. To keep track of what I am doing and learn more about the results and the scientific background of my research, visit the Science-page, check out the PhD-path or take a closer look at the science of disturbance ecology and invasion ecology.
Measuring with view on Punta Arenas

Ecological research with a view on the city of Punta Arenas, Chile.

To find these mountains I study, I have to travel a lot. This results in fantastic experiences, beautiful pictures and exciting scientific results. Currently, I had the chance to travel to Chile, ArgentinaLapland, FranceLuxembourg, Spain, the USA and the Canary Islands. Follow these links to find out everything I do there! For a lot of you, Belgium is also a foreign country, so you might also be interested in what is going on there. At the time, I have scientific experiments in Chile, Lapland, Belgium and Tanzania. The ambitious plans for this year, and hence what you might expect on here, can be found here.
Puerto Natales goose3

Coscoroba swan sleeping at the foot af the Andes.

Please, my dear visitor, let these links be a guide for you to explore the fascinating world of my PhD. Also take a look at the picture galleries to the right of the blog, they are definitely worth your time. And if you like what you read, don’t hesitate to follow me, I would love to keep writing for you!

Above the Torneträsk-lake

Above the Torneträsk-lake

12 Responses to On top of the world

  1. cocoaupnorth says:

    Very impressive, and good luck with your thesis.

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  3. Pam says:

    It will be enjoyable to follow your journey. My husband Richard has a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences. The wonderful thing about science is that you just never know what will come next. I didn’t check – have you been to Iceland yet? We were there this past June, and noticed how they were actively encouraging the planting of Sitka spruce (from Alaska) to add trees to the landscape.

    • That’s indeed the beauty of science! I don’t know in advance where this journey will bring me, but I’m sure it’s gonna come with even more amazing experiences.
      I’ve not been to Iceland yet (although my colleagues are working there). Interesting to know that they are still encouraging this planting of nonnative species, I hoped people in the Arctic would know better by now :D.

  4. Your work sounds so fascinating and your photos so clear with amazing light ,but at times take a long time to load on my iPad.,I often have limited wifi in Spain. The Sierra here has been planted with chestnuts 100s of years ago but creates an interesting place for mushrooms in October.r

  5. laurencecyl says:

    Jealous! I hope my graduate job will allow me to travel a bit on the job 🙂

  6. Sarah Milne says:

    Thanks for liking my blogpost! Your blog looks amazing, I wish I could find a job that combines all of my favourite things 😀

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