The urge to collaborate with other scientists seems to bring me to France time after time.

Common mullein and Loches castle

I spent a week between old stones and walls in the medieval village of Loches on a conference on microclimate and climate change.

Chilling in the Loches sun

In this refreshing and beautiful environment, I found valuable colleagues and ideas to drive my future research. I am sure this visit to France will be a huge driver of the rest of my scientific life. If not, I still saw Paris.


Cathedral of Meaux, close to Paris

January 2016 brought another visit to France, this time to the cold and frozen princess of the north: Amiens. There I met with a colleague and specialist on species distribution modelling to get the second part of my PhD going.

Fot - 49


Paris hosted the global climate change conference of 2015, where the world managed to get the first global agreement on battling climate change. With the help of some animals in a French zoo, I wrote down some thoughts on both the global and the Belgian side of the story.

Bray-Dunes, Northern FranceThe dunes in the north of France forms the back-drop of some ecology of the belowground environment, where I describe the power of beachgrass to root in this hostile environment.

Fot - 18

And then there was a visit to ‘Le Grand Donon‘, the highest peak of the Vosges in North Eastern France, where we were lucky to stand on top of the world for a while.

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