Getting the good views

I got the window seat on my flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche; truly the best spot you can get on a domestic flight. It gave me a chance to enjoy the scenery while we crossed endless Argentina.

Buenos Aires from the air

Taking off from Buenos Aires gave already the first impressive view. A city with more inhabitants than in the whole of Belgium, that is something to loose youre breath for.

Patagonian agriculture

When row after row of aparment blocks finally faded in the distance, we flew over the checkerboard landscape that seems to cover the whole southern part of Argentina. Endless roads, all straight as a ruler for mile after mile, dividing square-shaped agricultural fields, every once in a while disturbed by a lake.

Foothills of the Andes

It was only when we approached the Andes that the checkerboard vanished. The fields became bigger, the roads further apart. Then, an inhabited dry steppe came into sight while the hills slowly got higher.

Bariloche airport

After less than 24 hours of travelling, I transferred from a small Belgian village to a small city in the Patagonian Andes; a truly impressive accomplishment from modern society.

View from Tunquelen hotel Bariloche

On arrival in the hotel, I was happy to see I again got a window seat, but this time from my room. A breath-taking lake and mountain range is going to keep us company for the next few days.

Now, back to work, there is a lot of science that needs to be done!

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