The Netherlands

Not many mountains in the Netherlands, so they only play a very occassional role on this blog.

They are close to home, though, and flat plains can be beautiful as well. Sometimes my eyes just need a rest from the endless variation in the mountains anyway, I guess…Polder landscape

2 Responses to The Netherlands

  1. “Not many mountains in the Netherlands”, ūüôā that’s a good one. Our highest ‘mountain’ is ‘de Vaalserberg’; 322,7m. high and we have to share it with the Belgians and the Germans as well… Cheers!

    • I went their once and I got really tired of the climb anyway, so it deserves to be called a mountain ;). But I still really love the Netherlands, even though there is nothing there that fits in with my research :). Polder-therapy, some hours of breathing in fresh windy air in the Dutch polders, should be obliged at least once every season :).

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